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About Pejul Academy Ltd

Pejul Academy Ltd is a subsidiary of Pejul Digital Agency, a renowned web development and marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under registration number RC – 7029876, Pejul Academy is dedicated to empowering Nigerian and African youths with high-value tech skills.

Our Mission

At Pejul Academy, our mission is to enable individuals to earn more by equipping them with in-demand tech skills such as web development, digital marketing, video editing, graphics design, and other valuable tech competencies.

We understand the importance of staying relevant in today’s digital age, and our comprehensive courses are designed to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Expert Instructors

What sets Pejul Academy apart is our unique partnership with leading freelancers who are actively working on popular platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. This collaboration allows us to not only teach our students the necessary skills but also guide them on how to start earning immediately as freelancers. Our goal is to help individuals become their own bosses and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working from home while collaborating with brands both locally and internationally.

Why Choose Us

With a team of experienced instructors and industry professionals, Pejul Academy ensures that our students receive top-notch training and mentorship. We believe in a practical approach to learning, providing our students with real-world projects and case studies to enhance their skills and prepare them for the ever-evolving tech industry.

Whether you are looking to kickstart a new career, upgrade your existing skills, or explore the opportunities of freelancing, Pejul Academy is your gateway to success. Join us today and unlock your potential in the digital world.

Pejul Academy Ltd


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